Multi-Color Bingo Cards, Bingo Sheets with 4 Colors

SKU: CS-1401

Sale price$14.00


  • Thicker bingo cards have a slight gloss finish, printed 0.5-inch black bold numbers, with a large-print design that make cards easy to read for kids and seniors.
  • Professional grade bingo paper, we can guarantee that each set does not have repeated cards. Each card has a unique set of numbers, so this pack of 100 Bingo cards can support 100 unique players or games. If you buy two sets or more, there may be repeated cards.
  • Each card's dimensions are 5.25"L x 4.75"W. The bingo cards are sturdy enough to last, so you can use them over and over. Each card can be used once, if marked with an ink marker.
  • The set includes red, blue, black, green, and yellow bingo cards (20 of each color), and a total of 100 cards will ensure that it will not run out of stock when you play Bingo!
  • Our bingo game cards are perfect for small or large family gatherings, indoor & outdoor bingo games, parties, and game nights for a fun and enjoyable time. Take it with you anywhere you want to go. These cards are easy to reuse, pack up, and play on the go. They are ideal for lodges, and recreational facilities.

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