12" Wooden Go Board Game Set

SKU: BG-6001

Sale price$ 568.00


  • GOBAN: This Go board is made of high-quality wood veneer to match the golden-tinged Kaya tree, from which the very best Gobans are made. The bottom of the board has four anti-slip pads so that you will not have to worry about them sliding.
  • SIZE: The Go board measures almost 12 inches, making it a convenient size that does not require a large space to play. The surface features 19 horizontal and 19 vertical lines that form 361 points of intersection with 324 squares.
  • STORAGE: Features two storage drawers on both ends for storing the white and black stones. No go bowls are needed. Remove the stones from the drawer during play. When not in use, the drawers recess neatly into the game board. Also included two storage bags for stone storage.
  • EXQUISITE GIFT: The sleek design makes this Go game a perfect decorative piece that will attract players when put on a coffee table centerpiece. The high-quality plastic stones are biconvex, making them easier to pick up and enjoyable to play with.
  • GAMES ARE GOOD FOR YOU: Go players utilize higher-order thinking skills, analyze actions and consequences, and visualize future possibilities. Each time the game is played, these skills are strengthened.

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