2 1/4" Professional Billiard Table Pool Ball Set - Marble Swirl Style

SKU: GB-5002

Sale price$ 982.00


  • MATERIAL - Grade AAA premium billiard pool table balls set are made of polyester resin which provides exceptional scratch and impact resistance.
  • FEATURES - Each billiard ball is produced to the most exacting tolerances, meeting all professional quality benchmarks for size, roundness, density, balance, weight, color, and hardness, ensuring superior playability and durability.
  • DIMENSION - Each billiard ball measures (2-1/4") 57mm in diameter, and (5.9oz) 168grams in weight.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED - The billiard balls set with 16 billiard balls is cased in a box. 7 striped balls, 8 marble style colored balls and 1 white cue ball.
  • APPLICABLE: Great for game rooms, bars, sports matches, leisure exercise, and players at all skill levels.

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