2-Piece Billiards Pool Cue Stick and Brass Screw-on Bridge Head Set

SKU: GB-4011

Sale price$ 454.00


  • MATERIAL: The bridge stick is made of solid wood, 57" in length. Two-piece design for easy transport and storage. The bridge head is made from zinc-alloy and has a copper coating. The surface has a polished finish to ensure easy and smooth slide, keeping your pool cue from showing signs of wear.
  • DESIGN: The pool bridge head provides 5 shot positions, which allows you to customize the pool cue height and position.
  • FEATURES: The bridge head bottom has black ABS legs, which protects your pool table cloth from damage. It also prevents sliding on the pool table, so you have better control of the route.
  • EASY TO USE: The pool bridge head is easy to install. You just need to fasten screws to the end of the bridge stick.
  • AUXILIARY TOOL: When using your hand as a bridge you can't get an optimal angle; when a shot is too far for you to reach, the bridge is your best auxiliary tool.

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