3" Double-Sided Casino Grade Acrylic Poker Dealer Puck Button

SKU: CS-6003

Style: 1-Pack
Sale price$ 197.00


  • MATERIAL: The Dealer Puck is made from casino quality heavy-duty acrylic with two black O-ring rubber bumpers, with a smooth surface.    
  • CASINO QUALITY: Professional double-sided casino grade Dealer Puck button has sturdy quality and heavy weight, good enough for long-term use, suitable for casinos Hold'em games.    
  • DESIGN: Clear acrylic surrounds the red peach heart in the center, with letters engraved on both sides. The word "Dealer" is engraved on it instead of being printed on top, so it won't be rubbed off easily.    
  • SIZE: The dealer puck button is 3" in diameter, 3/4" in thickness, 1/2-pack, and it has a large letters, making it very easy to recognize at the poker table and making the game more organized, you can use this double-sided "dealer" sign to remember whose turn it was to deal the next card game.    
  • APPLICABLE: Great for casinos, poker nights, Texas Hold'em games, and tournaments.

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