13.75" Set of 4 Domino & Playing Card Racks, Wooden Domino Trays Holders Organizer

SKU: BG-3002

Sale price$ 438.00


  • MATERIAL & SIZE - Our 4-pack 13.75" x 3" x 0.6" domino and playing card racks are made of superior pine hardwood ensuring they will last for a long time.
  • DOMINOES & CARD TRAYS - The dominoes and cards holders set comes with four rows of 0.5" slots to comfortably fit your dominos, either vertical or horizontal for easy viewing and worry-free play, and the racks also come with a 0.125" slit for playing card games.
  • HIGH CAPACITY - Our 13.75" domino & card rack can comfortably fit up to 28 dominos horizontally and 26 dominos staggered vertically and 20 playing cards (dominoes and cards not included).
  • ANTI-SLIP PADS - The domino rack also has 4 pads on the bottom, so they will remain on any table and you will not have to worry about them sliding or damaging your desktop.
  • FUN FAMILY GAMES - Our domino & card racks are perfectly suited for play anywhere, family game nights, schools, travel, parks, and camping, enjoying the domino game anywhere.

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