Set of 6 Little Blind, Big Blind, Missed Blind, Kill, Reserved, Dealer Puck Buttons, Casino Texas Hold'em Poker Buttons

SKU: CS-6005

Sale price$ 131.00


  • MATERIAL: The poker button set is made of professional grade plastic material. Casino quality Texas Hold'em Poker buttons has a smooth surface, without sharp edges and burrs.
  • INCLUDED: The set includes 6 packs, a white dealer button, a blue little blind, a yellow big blind, a black missed blind, an orange Kill, and red reserved buttons. The dealer button is 2" in diameter and other buttons are 1.25" in diameter. Easy-to-read lettering on both sides, good print, it won’t be rubbed off easily.
  • CONVENIENT: You don't need to use anything else for temporary markers! These blind buttons make it easy to know who’s who! It saves you time and avoids chaos!
  • MARKERS: The purpose of using poker position markers (such as small blind, big blind, and dealer buttons.) is to distinguish the position of each poker player at the table. We hope our poker position markers will bring you the best game experience!
  • APPLICABLE: Professional look and feel. Great for casino games, home games and tournaments.

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