Dual Tricep Rope, Heavy Duty Tricep Pull Down Cable Machine Attachment

SKU: IS-4002

Sale price$ 306.00


  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The Dual-grip tricep rope is made from heavy-duty nylon braided rope with solid rubber ends.    
  • SIZE: The tricep rope is 28.5" in length, 1" in thick, and the end of the rubber is 2.5" in diameter. The tricep rope provides a strong and comfortable grip to maximize stability and support, conveniently and quickly connecting to any universal gym system, such as a machine, cable crossover, or pulley system.    
  • SECURE GRIP: Designed with large rubber blocks at the end of the rope, our tricep rope provides a secure and comfortable grip and prevents slipping or sliding, thus helping increase effectiveness while practicing.    
  • EXERCISE TOOL: This heavy-duty dual triceps rope is great for press-downs, curls, kickbacks, and deltoid raise. It works to help develop and strengthen your triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs, as well as your grip strength.    
  • NOTE: This is used as a rope for exercise, and do not use it for weight lifting, traction, personal fall protection, pulling, or any other purpose.

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