3-in-1 Pool Cue Tip Billiard Cue Stick Tool Accessory Includes Shaper, Scuffer, Aerator

SKU: GB-3021

Style: Silver
Sale price$10.78


  • MULTI-FUNCTION: This pool cue shaper is made of brushed aluminum. Anti-skid design, the bowtie will screw on and off the scruff end easily. The 3-in-1 pool cue tip tool includes Shaper, Scuffer, Aerator. It can hold chalk better and help to avoid miscues.
  • SCUFF: The scuffer is use for the cue tip to the desired dome curvature. Just lightly scrape the tip with a rotating motion.
  • SHAPE: The shaper side only need simply roughens the surface of the tip, and the chalk will adhere to the tip for better ball control.
  • AERATOR: The surface of the tip is new or compressed, slightly break up it, and the surface will hold more chalk.
  • CARRY-ON SIZE: Measures 2.5 inches high and 0.85 inches wide. This pool cue tip shaper billiards cue accessory is small and convenient to carry, also the perfect gift for players of all levels.

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