Battle Rope Anchor Strap Kit Accessories with Carabiner, Nylon Straps, Protecting Cover

SKU: IS-2011

Sale price$8.98


  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our battle rope anchor straps are made of reinforced nylon (the same as car seat belt material), tightly woven, and durable. The battle rope anchor straps kit maximizes the service life of your rope by protecting it, designed with double stitching. 
  • QUALITY: The reinforced high-quality nylon anchor strap stops the rope from ripping, tearing, and fraying, withstanding a max load of 1,500 pounds. 
  • FULL SET: Includes two straps, one steel secure hook, and a black nylon battle rope protecting cover. The straps measure 16" in length and 2" in width. The steel secure hook measures 3.9"L x 1.8"W. 
  • PORTABLE: The anchor kit is designed with a portable anchoring system that allows you to loop and hook your battle rope anywhere in seconds. Find any fixed pole, tree trunk, post, or object, and hook and loop your battle ropes for a full workout anytime and anywhere. 
  • EASY INSTALLATION: All you have to do is to use one strap to wrap around your rope and the other to wrap around a heavy anchor point like a pole or tree trunk. Great for a 1.5" or 2" diameter battle rope.

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