Casino Poker Table Steel Rake Toke Drop Box with Money Bill Slot and Locking Top Plate

SKU: CS-9002

Sale price$27.88


  • CASH BOX: The money drop box is made of thickened steel. The money slot frame is made of stainless steel, used to cover the opening in the table where the money (chips/coins/bills) falls into the drop box, no sharp edges. This stainless steel bill slot frame will last a lifetime.
  • RAKE TOKE BOX: The box has a large capacity and can hold chips and money. It is designed with a heavy-duty handle to ensure its easy removal from the table.
  • SIZE: The toke box dimensions are 8.75" L x 5" W x 4.5" H. The money bill slot measures 4.65"L x 2.25"W.
  • TWO LOCKS: The toke box features a dual locking mechanism. One lock secures the door to the box to ensure it cannot be opened without being unlocked. The second lock secures the box to the underside of the tabletop, ensuring that the box cannot be taken without being unlocked.
  • APPLICATION: The black steel rake toke drop box is great for small poker clubs or any game table.

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