Double-Sided Acrylic Casino Craps ON/Off Puck Button

SKU: CS-6001

Style: 1-Pack
Sale price$8.98


  • MATERIAL: The ON/OFF Puck is made from casino quality heavy-duty acrylic with two black O-ring rubber bumpers and a smooth surface.
  • CASINO QUALITY: Professional double-sided casino grade on/off puck button, which has a sturdy quality and heavy weight, good enough for long-term use, suitable for casinos craps games.
  • DESIGN: White with black engraved letters on one side and black with white engraved letters on the other side, the word "ON/OFF" is engraved on it instead of being printed on top, so it won't be rubbed off easily.
  • SIZE: The ON/OFF puck button is 3" in diameter, 3/4" in thickness, 1/2-pack, and it has a large letters, making it very easy to recognize at the poker table and making the game more organized.
  • APPLICABLE: Great for casinos, craps games, and poker nights.

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